What to Check out for When Buying a Laptop

Lucky Saturday

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Don't ever make a mistake of buying a laptop without knowing much about it, Most people have made a mistake of buying a cheap laptop and then realizing that it doesn't meet their taste.
Things to consider
If you need a laptop for just business purposes e.g Typing,
You don't need much configuration. you need something like
2gb Ram, 100gb of Hard disk and 1.6ghz speed

A laptop for gaming
This is where you need to spend bulk of money to get a laptop that can play high end graphics, When going for such laptops you need a very much configuration e.g
icore 3, icore 5, icore 7
There are some laptop that are made for gaming e.g Nvdia and Co
You need 6gb Ram 2.6ghz 950 Hard disk

A laptop for a school boy
Just for surfing the internet and Work on E-mails
2.0ghz 500gb harddisk 4gb ram

A laptop for a civil servant
I guess this should have the lowest configuration because most of civil workers only need a laptop in which they can be able to watch movies
1.5ghz 250 Hard disk 2gb Ram

A Laptop that can do all things
Everybody wants a laptop that can do all things like Playing games, watching moving, surfing the internet without it lagging. you need a costly laptop with
6gb Ram 750gb Harddisk 2.8ghz, icore 5, or iCore7