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Humanity as we know it is depleting by the second, and the painful part is the answer to make this world a better place today and for the future generation lies within us. This is why Uniteforum has come up with a brilliant initiative to provide grants to individuals who have uncut talents but lack the finance to solve world problems. Uniteforum has creative platform, which enables people to kick-start their business ideas with ten thousand (10,000) to twenty thousand (20,000) naira.

The program will take place here in this forum weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis; it all depends on some key factors, which we will be sharing with our participants as soon as we can.

How it works

It is pretty easy, all you have to do is to follow these steps below;

  • Post your business idea with a detailed plan explaining how you are going to start the business and manage it with the specified capital stated.
  • Please note that your business plan MUST fall into the specified capital; failure to abide by this rule means automatic disqualification.
  • The business with the highest number of likes will be awarded the grant of 10, 000 to 20,000 Naira. Please note that voting lasts for six days, so ensure to use your social media prowess to your advantage.
There is more; the winner will get the opportunity to get exclusive training(s) by top entrepreneurs and business owners on how to effectively scale their business.

Note: Uniteforum is passionate to see people with raw talents turned into business mogul from scratch, therefore, this platform is created for serious-minded people, and it is not the opportunity to get free money for frivolous spending. Also, every grant will be accounted for, and our representative in various cities across the nation will monitor your business, and channel you in the right direction.


  • The winner must provide BVN and bank statement.
  • You must not participate more than once throughout the whole programme, and if you're caught, you will pay dearly.
  • The business must be a business you can actually do with the amount. If we discover that the business is not what can be done with the amount stated by you, the grant will go to the second position.


If you are interested in this movement and want to see talented Nigerians become successful, you are free to support this initiative with a minimum of ten thousand naira.

What’s in it for you

Apart from making this world (starting from your country) a better place, we will display your business banner ad on the whole site for seven days. Also, a short description of your business alongside your name on our sponsors list.

Send me a private message for sponsorship details.

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