Small Business Idea For Tech Guys and Students


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Some times you just need to be a little smart to make some bucks.

Why not download latest foreign movies in HD from and etc and sell it to people at 300 NGN per one.

You just copy it to their flash drive, memory card or hard drive.

Tip 1 - Get a banner and write about what you do and put it at the entrance of where middle class and Upper class citizens live.

Tip 2 - You can equally add other things like configuration of PC and mobile phone, formatting of PC, PC security and all those software related stuff.

Tip 3 - Get their phone numbers, when you have new collections of movies, send them text message via bulk SMS platform.

Tip 4 - Make your clients happy by giving out periodic bonuses.

Tip 5 - You can also sell SME data plan to them at a cheaper rate.

The brain is small but powerful when put to use.

Bulk SMS Platform -

Data reseller business >

You can give them ideas that will save them some bucks. You make them know they can turn their home into a cinema.


This guys have a good television while supports USB and HDMI input. You can sell flash drives and HDMI cables to them and make your profit.

HDMI cable is used to connect PC to TV while USB flash drive can be plugged to the TV direct.

What if you have a write up that says:

Turn your home to cinema and save some bucks.
We download latest HD movies at a cheap rate bla bla bla.

We turn homes to cinema by connecting your drive with latest HD movies to your TV. Enjoy latest movies with friends and family bla bla bla.

There's a lot of cool sales write up you can put together to make them call you right away.

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