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It is inescapable. You must do it. Your business cannot fly without the audience attention. The internet was literally created solely because of this – to network with other people.

The various social media portals in today’s internet age, their basic aim is to connect people from different parts of the world. Your phone book is a list of network.

It’s a numbers game, you have to bring in the necessary exposure to your business and without networking, you won’t be able to do this.

Now that it is clear the importance of Networking, how can you network the right and effective way?

1. Meet People Via Other People

One of the most effective ways to network and one which will reap great benefits for you is to connect with people through referrals. That is, someone you know introduced you to others, probably because of your satisfactory services they enjoyed. This is similar to the online social business platform, LinkedIn via their introduction tool.

If your business is traditional, attending strategic local events is also a good way to network. The take away here is, provide excellent service to just about anyone and you just might land another deal via introduction to others.

2. Leveraging Social Media

This is perhaps the most effective way to network in this current age. Virtually everyone do it, from footballers, to musicians, doctors, cake bakers, etc. Almost any business venture you can think of are leveraging social media today.

You want to search for like-minded contacts probably in the same niche as you. You can have a Twitter handle, Instagram handle, Facebook profile or a LinkedIn profile for this. To get the attention of someone you’d like to connect with, commenting on their posts is a good way to start. When you comment something valuable, they just might respond and you have initiated a conversation that would potentially be an opportunity going forward.

3. Share A Success Story

Keep in mind when trying to network with people, to have the best results, you must have some intriguing or motivating story. It could be a previous successful venture of yours no matter how small.

Or it could be a problem someone had that you provided solution for and they were better off it. A short captivating story is always loved by people so make it brief and on point.

Potential networks always like people that are bringing something to the table as a result their own experience.

4. Keep Your Network Alive

Now after you have gotten connected to some networks, you have to constantly make things interesting. More like, be in their face in a non-intrusive manner. To do this, you have to continually drop exciting and valuable content for them to see if they are following you on social media.

They shouldn’t have to juggle their memory to recognize you if perchance they see you physically. The power of attention is a good tool in business.

You could also organize a routine get together if your business is traditional. Your existing networks might invite their friends and you get to be introduced to even more network of people.