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The significance of Teamwork in the success of any endeavor or enterprise cannot be overstated. Teamwork is the bedrock of all great empires and notable feats achieved throughout history. When you have a team, you already have a good shot at being the best in your business niche.

Teamwork has been proven to boost efficiency by distributing workload at the office, fast-track idea execution, create a flurry of new ideas to potentially explore as a result of communication amongst team members.

WHAT is Teamwork

Teamwork is a situation or an activity where a group of members in a company/organization work in unison to achieve a goal.
This group of members has unique skill sets that they bring to the table to surmount the various challenges that lie ahead.
Now how do you as an entrepreneur groom your team so that set goals are smashed with relative ease?

Firstly, you have to ensure every team member is on the same page. That means they all have to accept and be committed to the objectives that is to be achieved.

Below are some of the things to keep in mind when grooming your team.

- As an entrepreneur or convener of the team, you have to create the atmosphere that will enable each individual team member utilize their strengths maximally while also having a system in place to minimize their weaknesses. In other words one team member’s strength should make up for another’s weakness.

- You must establish in the workplace culture that poor performance will not be tolerated. This will make every team member bring on their A game to the table.

- When hiring, note that, attitude and mindset should be your number 1 litmus test above skill set.

- If you have a loner in your team that just doesn’t flow well with the others in terms of socially but is very valuable, what you need to do is not fight it, instead create a niche for this person that they will productively fill. A routine team social hangout called and organized by can help make this loner fraternize with some if not all of the other team members.

- Have a thorough and effective leadership training program where team members learn to think and act like the boss. This will make them execute with a sense of discipline and personal accountability.

- As you expand and your team grows, let them play roles in executive decision making as this will make them feel at home working with you and their loyalty greatly entrenched.

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