Iphone 5G: release date and specifications


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Iphone 5G: release date and specifications
The mobile industry is actively preparing for the transition to the fifth generation of cellular communications. Apple decided not to rush and evaluate the experience of the pioneers of the next 2019. But the first contours of the device in 2020 are already guessed
2019 will pass under the sign of 5G, the support of which is announced by many top manufacturers in their new smartphones. However, according to rumors, the launch of fifth-generation mobile networks will not be hassle-free. And Apple will not get involved in the technology race, despite the image of an innovative company.
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IPhone 5G Release Date
Apple began to test 5G technology in its smartphones in 2018. However, these devices cannot be called serial devices, because none of the serial iPhone supports these networks. We are talking about test samples. Despite the early start of 5G tests, the first smartphone from Cupertino, according to FastCompany, will be released no earlier than 2020.
Price iPhone 5G
It's too early to talk about the cost of the first iPhone with 5G. However, it can be assumed that support for the fastest Internet will appear on the flagship model. Now the current iPhone XS with a 64 GB drive will cost the buyer in Russia 87.9 thousand rubles. It is obvious that the minimum cost of the top model of the 2020 model will not cost below this mark.
Specifications iPhone 5G
It is now known that the iPhone 5G plans to install an Intel 8161 modem, which will be responsible for supporting fifth-generation networks. Interestingly, unlike competitors who are going to release the first 5G smartphones in 2019, Apple is not going to use Qualcomm chips. According to Macworld sources, it is precise because of this decision that the release of the first iPhone is delayed until 2020. Intel’s modem has a significant drawback - it overheats and needs to be removed.

By the way, the same insiders claim that Apple has a "plan B", which provides for the installation of chips from the Chinese company MediaTek.
Little is known about the other characteristics of the 2020 smartphone. Perhaps they will abandon the Lightning port in favor of USB Type-C, as was done in the 2018 iPad Pro.