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    She started her career in the year 2007 with a reality TV show which is named as Keeping Up with Kardashians and proved successful. Soon, she posed for a nude pictorial for Playboy once she got success spending years on TV shows. In the year 2008, she started her career in feature film, Spoof Disaster Movie which is the debut film of her. With the consistency of effectiveness throughout her career, she made cameo in an episode of sitcom How I Met Your Mother, in “Benefits” then, she also launched an endorsement with ShoeDazzle shopping. Then, she continues endorsing multiple projects such as vanilla cupcake for a bakery of Los Angeles, she released a workout DVD series and then, Kardashian become a guest host of Wrestlemania XXIV and guest judge of America’s Next Top Model. Watch here all types of kim kardashian bleep video, kim kardashian bleep tape, kim kardashian porn,

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