How to unlock your Huawei s-1&2 E303 ,E173z modem with firmware upgrade


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Good Moring ya all... Just feel like to share U dis which sum pple knw and sum did'nt knw... But due to high demand for it from pple dat find it diffcult to unlock there E303 modem, i here by present dis do it ya self tut :D

Huawei E173z, u, s,-1&2 E303 Modem types comes with customise firmware and it can not be unlocked via inputing unlock code directly.
So this are the steps to unlock it.

Note : Make sure that you have sufficient battery backup while you flashing your modem, if any interruption while flashing then your modem will be dea forever.

Step by step guide to unlock your E173z, u, s,-1&2 Huawei E303 HiLink Modem Free :

1. Download the firmware version or higher from the download link which is provided below. Now download the univeral master code and huawei modem code writer tool also from the link below.
2. Now disconnect the internet and close all the running software / dashboard / connection manager of modem.
3. Now run the universal master code and generate the flash code of your IMEI through Huawei tab or from my first thread when u generate ya unlocking code and note down somewhere.
4. Now run the Firmware version or higher to flash your modem with generic firmware. When firmware will ask for password then provide the password as flash code which you have already noted.
4. Now after a few minutes it will be finished. Now run the Huawei Modem Code Writer tool and click on “Please Select Com Port.
5. Now it will detect the com port of your
modem. Now just select it and click on unlock Modem. It will ask you for unlock code. Just provide the unlock code that you generated from my first thread.

Boom Boom... Ya modem has been unlocked.. Enjoy :D

Download Links
Download Huawei Modem Code Writer

Download Universal Master Code

Download Firmware to unlock


Download Firmware to unlock

Happy modem unlocking guyz :)