How to take Loan directly from Central Bank of Nigeria (Only For Nysc Members)

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The Central bank of Nigeria is giving out loan to Nigerians serving corps members and non serving members,
All schools are entitles to this loan, each member can take up to 10million Naira loan
i was at a seminar last month at Abuja in which a worker from the finance department, CBN
Mrs Atin Ejike, she explained how easy it was to take loan from CBN at 9% interest rate which is lesser than the commercial banks at 30% interest rate.
One of the key feature of this is, You don't need any collateral all you need is to bring your nysc certificate to the bank and your would be processed after some days

How to Apply to this Loan
Nysc Serving Corp Member or Non Serving Corp Member (Must have Nysc certificate)
Walk up to the central bank of the state in which you are located and ask for the Development Finance office. from there you can now discuss the kind of loan amount you need.

You can also approach your bank.
Please be very carefull because some bank might end up giving them their loans which is at 30% interest rate,
So be very sure to tell them that you want to apply for YIEDP: Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Please you can also check this link from heritage bank
Heritage bank YIEDP