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poultry farming is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria today in the agricultural sector. poultry farming can be very profitable, with high possibility to bring back returns, due to the fact that chickens has a rapid growth rate. more so there is an increased demand for local chickens during festivals. This is great news as it creates business opportunities in Nigeria.

starting your poultry

introduction: there are 3 breeds of chicken_ the boilers,cockerels and layers.

broilers require around 8 weeks to grow while cockerels require 6 months, and layers needs about 19 weeks to start laying eggs. since you are just starting, i will advice you to start with just one type of breed, for you to understand the business more better and Once you have gained enough skills and knowledge of how to maintain a farm, breed and rear your poultry, you can now consider diversifying your plan, and possibly introduce additional breeds to your poultry.

1 set your business plan

This is one of the most important aspect that determine the success of your poultry operation. It tells the stated goals you wish to achieve and the strategy intend to get there. It's also a plan of how you want to operate your business,it describes whether to embark on a large scale poultry farm and employ as many workers as possible or a medium or small scale.​

2 get your site,capital and equipment

Depending on how you have planned about your poultry farm, firstly, you should acquire a suitable land, which can satisfy your current, and future demands in case of expansion. generally a plot of land is suitable for medium sized poultry farm.

Once you have purchased a suitable land, then build your poultry house, and to protect it with secure fencing. The main feature of a poultry house is a cross ventilation system,this will determine your poultry growth. Secondly, If you have completed the construction of your poultry house, it is important that you prepare the area by disinfecting it with strong disinfectants around a couple of days prior to the arrival of your fowls, secure the area, limit and eliminate food sources. This will prevent lizards, insects, snake and others from getting into the house.Equipment and machinery are needed to clean barns, dispose of deadstock, work crops, etc.​

3 decide the best way to raise your chicken

There are two main ways to raise the chicken. firstly, is the Conventional systems which have chickens confined to barns that are temperature and photo-period controlled areas.secondly, is the Free-range systems allow your chickens to just about have the run of the farm to behave as naturally as possible.​

4 determine the breed you want to pursue

There are three types of breed which are very suitable for commercial poultry farming in Nigeria. Modern poultry breeds are highly productive and commercial raising is also very profitable. layers produce more eggs and they are raised for their eggs than traditional breeds and broilers grow faster than ever and are raised for meat, Cockerels are another types of meat productive poultry breeds. Cockerel has a special demand for some people. Selecting proper breeds for commercial production depends on your choice. Before starting, determine what type of product do you want to produce.​

5 feeding

high quality feed and clean water keeps the chickens healthy and highly productive. high quality, fresh and nutritious feed is the key to success in poultry farming business. Always provide adequate amount of feed according to the number and age of poultry chicken. Along with feeding good foods, always supply sufficient amount of clean and fresh water according to the daily demands of food.
6 health care and management

Poultry birds are very sensitive and may contact diseases so easily. Generally they suffer various types of viral, bacterial, fungal, nutritional and parasitic diseases. Proper vaccination is a must for keeping your birds diseases free, healthy and productive. So, vaccinate the birds timely. If somehow, diseases occurs in the farm then meet a vet doctor as soon as possible and listen to his advice.
7 marketing

it is very Easy to market of poultry products in Nigeria, There is already an established market for poultry eggs and meat with high demand. So, you don’t have to think about marketing your products. You can sell your products in any market or sell directly to consumers.

Many poultry farmers vary the volume of chickens they stock in their poultry depending on the festive period they are targeting. For example, you can stock broilers at October-end if you want to target Christmas and have them fully ready for sale by the 3rd week of December. Your target will determine the frequency of your stock. If you select layer farming, you will have a year-round market, as layers need over 52 weeks for the completion of the laying cycle.

poultry farming is very profitable in Nigeria, many people are millionaires from poultry farming, all you need to start is some capital and practical knowledge for starting poultry farming.​