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pig farming is the rearing of domestic pig, it is a branch of animal husbandry, the pig meat is use for food as pork meat and the skin can be use for different purposes.

pigs is one of the animals that has the highest rate of reproduction. Pigs can reproduce up to 15 piglet at a goal and that is one of the major reason that makes pig farming a profitable one and make pig farming attractive to farmers. Pigs also grow very fast and pork meat has a large demand in most African countries despite the fact that some religion don't support the consumption of pork meat.

many farmers find it difficult to choose between pig farming, fish farming, poultry, goat rearing, but if you are faced with such challenge,below is the reason why you should go for pig farming over others


1 to feed a pig is more easier than other animals, some waste and damage food are even more nutritious to the pigs,they can be feed with banana leaves and, byproduct obtained from mills.

2 the pig grow fast and it is a good breeder that can produce up to 12-15 offspring at a time.

3 the pigs are so rugged and has a very strong immune system and can still survive some days without food.

4 pig is mostly free from been stolen because people don't like to be with a live pig.

5 the pig feces is a very good source of manure to the soil.


1 LOCATION: the first thing you need to consider before starting is your location, do not try breeding them at home because, piggery can be so smelly and noisy and cause a lot of pollution to the neighborhood.

so instead of creating a discomfort for the neighborhood is better to get a farmland for your piggery. just one plot of land is enough for small scale piggery and if you are optioning for large scale pig farming make sure you purchase a land that is large enough to create enough space for spacing, grazing and feeding.

2 HOUSING: this is the shelter that will keep your pig save from the weather and diseases and other contamination,it is known as the pig pen. you can build you can build your pen with iron or concrete depending on which one is more preferable. when building your pen make sure there is a proper drainage system where the waste can pass through and be should make sure that the drainage is kept clean to make it free from insect, pest diseases and other contamination.

pigs love to play with water, you may consider building a water pool in the pen to make them stay healthy.the water should be change regularly and kept clean at all time. you should allow your pig to play outside the pen sometimes but keep eyes on them so that they wont wander off.

3 PIGLET: you need to get a healthy piglet to get started,which is can easily get from other pig farmers around you. make sure that the piglets you purchased are healthy enough and have been well taken care of. You should also ask for their vaccination history records to be sure that they have taken their vaccinations up to date.

to start your piggery you need a male and a female pig,but the numbers depend on the scale of pig farming you want to embark and the number of pen available,and remember that pig can reproduce as many piglets as possible,you can also start with a minimum of just one male and female pig.

4 HEALTH CARE: this is to ensure that the pigs in your piggery receive medical healthcare by the veterinary doctors, make sure that they give the pigs the right vaccination on a regular basis, checking up on the pigs from time to time to ensure that they are in good health condition, offering nutrition advice and treating the pigs when they fall ill.

5 FEEDING: feeding is nothing to worry so much about because pigs feed on mostly everything human eat ,which means that you don't really need to get any special food for them.however proper attention is needed for their nutrition to make them stronger and healthy always. and you should also provide clean water for them, pigs loves to drink alot of water and play with it as well,so their water must be change regularly.

6 MARKETING: Pigs can be sold live to meat sellers or kill it yourself and sell in pieces to consumers to make sausages and bacon.The Market is big in Nigeria,It currently sells for about N285 – N300 per kg. You can approach other pig farmers for assistance on how to sell your pigs. Pigs are usually sold per kilogram so the bigger your pigs, the more money you would earn, and you can also sell some of your piglet if you have them in excess.