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Do you know that Nigeria is diversifying it economy to farming? good news, everybody needs to survive in this recession and here is a good idea to start banana plantation either for your household consumption or make it available for sales in a large scale.Starting a plantain or banana farm is not in any way expensive if you have a sizable land. The only thing that you would spend little money on are for the clearing of the farmland and buying of the suckers for planting.

Banana farming is the most neglected farming in Nigeria, yet, more profit oriented than most other forms of farming. In this thread we want to take a look at banana and plantain farming in Nigeria and how to get started and make money and feed our family.You can make millions of Naira from banana and plantain farming if you produce it in a large scale and take it to the commercial standard. moreover,the federal government of Nigeria is now encouraging large scale farming to revive the economy. see if banana and plantain farming could help


  • get the right choice of climate: Banana and plantain grow best with 10 to 12 hours of direct bright sunlight each day. They can still grow with little sunlight but not a rapid growth,it is advisable to choose where in your yard receives the most sun because they thrives very well in a fertile soil and a good climatic condition where there is regular sunlight and regular water supply probably from rainfall. planting multiple bananas helps to maintain temperature and humidity.
  • planting the banana sucker or transplanting: banana and plantain are grown through suckers,get a healthy sucker for a rapid growth or if you are transplanting from a mature plant,dig a hole equivalent to the size of the plant, Remove any plants or weeds that are growing on the planting site, then dig a circular hole 30cm wide and 30 cm deep. A larger hole will provide greater support for the plant but require more soil.for better growth it is advisable to trim the plant before planting by Cutting off any dead, insect-eaten, rotting or discolored sections of the plant. If most of the plant is affected dispose it.
  • maintaining and caring for the plant: this is the part most people are getting it wrong, maintaining the plant is a priority for a successive plantation. here, fertilize it monthly and frequently water it but avoid too much of water, remove dead leaves frequently,uproot nearby weeds and frequently check against pest and insect ,Once the plant is mature and has several suckers, remove all but one to improve fruit yield and plant health and finally, support the plant with a rope or bamboo to protect against strong winds.
  • growing and harvesting fruit: wait for the purple flower to emerge which is usually after 6-7 month depending on the not remove the leaves around it,and wait for the flower petals to reveal the a hand (cluster of bananas) and single banana is a finger.once the full bunch is reveal it is advisable for commercial banana growers to use bunch covers (plastic bags open at both ends that they slip over the bunch and tie at the top) to protect bananas from diseases,insect and birds. You can try to buy those bags at a rural supplies store, or beg some of a grower. ,then you need to wait for about 2 month for hand to whiter off its self,it is advisable to use a stick to prop up the bunches before it pull down the whole plant.

Harvest your banana when they look well rounded with ribs and, the flowers are dying so that The fruit will ripen quickly once harvested, so you may want to pick some well in advance of harvesting so you don't end up with excess fruit that will go to waste.

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