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Hey buddies, here is a way to How to Increase RAM Using USB. I know it’s old trick
but still some people aware of it that’s why i’m sharing it with you all.
As you all know what is basic functionality of RAM in your PC/Laptop as
the more RAM means more speed and faster your system’s speed.
For gaming purpose one need more RAM. What if you don’t have enough money
to buy new RAM and aslo sometimes there is no extra slot on your
motherboard to setup new RAM also somtimes motherboard do not more
RAM that you need so, then how will you upgrade you PC/Laptop’s RAM ?You
need to buy a new PC/Laptop ? Well the answer is no, Today, We will share
some tips regarding How to Increase RAM Using Pendrive in Windows.

How to Increase RAM Using USB

First of all connect your USB/pendrive into your PC/Laptop’s USB port.
Now in the desktop just right click on the My Computer icon and then
click on the Properties. After this you will have to click on Advanced
Tab then click on Performance. Now click on Advanced and then click on
Virtual Memory.Now select you pendrive/USB icon and then click on Custom
size. After that you have to view thememory available in your
Pendrive/USB and note it down and click on OK. Restart you Laptop/PC and
Enjoy the fast speed of your system.

That’s it you have successfully increased the RAM of you system using
USB/Pendrive. If you like this post share it with your friends !