How To Change What Programs Start When Windows Does

Emmanuel Ekanem

UF Member

And am here again with another great article, are you fed up with the fact that your system keeps booting for a long time because of much programs on it? Do your think you can actually do something about it? In this post, i'm going to show how you can change what Programs start when windows is booting.

You can prevent a lot of apps forcing Windows into chilled-molasses boot times—without uninstalling anything.

Follow the steps below:

Click on Start, then "Run...", after that type misconfig

This will brings up the System Configuration Utility window. Click on the Startup tab to see a list of all the apps slated to start when you boot up Windows. Click the check mark next to any you don't want, and then click OK to save your choices.

After that, the next time you boot your window, i assure you a fast booting. Got any comment or problems, drop it in the comment box below.