How To Boot Your Windows Faster

Emmanuel Ekanem

UF Member

Today i'll be writing on how you can make you pc boot faster. Alot of people have been facing the problem of dull booting for long, so i am going to list out things to do in other to make it boot faster.

Remove Applications From Your Start Up
All the software companies seem to want a piece of you machine and in many cases they even want to make sure they're opening and running as soon as you boot up. On the one hand, that's very thoughtful but in reality, it's a total pain in the bum. If you're going to have to wait for 20 different programs to get going before you can, then you're in for a long wait.

Hold down the Windows key + R, type "msconfig" and then navigate to the startup/boot tab where you'll see a list of applications wishing to load and uncheck just about all of them. This is probably the most effective way to get the ball rolling quicker.

It's one of the number one offenders of a slow boot and why we put it at the top of the list. Fix your start up.

Clean Up Your Desktop
Another barrier between you and getting your PC rolling toute de suite is all that nonsense you insist on keeping strewn across your desktop. There's three good reasons to do a little virtual spring cleaning. First is that each time you computer boots it has to make sure all these shortcuts are connected to valid files and applications and that takes some time. The second is that it looks quite horrific and the third is that a tidy desktop is a tidy mind.

Check For Malware
Most people would probably have some inkling if a major piece of malware was grinding their machine to a halt and if they didn't, there's a good chance that it's such a good piece of code that you'll never notice it's there in the first place. That said, occasionally you might pick up a wadge of spyware if you happen to be running Windows XP, so a scan with something like Spybot and whatever your resident anti-virus program is will often speed up your boot.

Remove Removable Media & Peripherals
While we're at it, make sure you haven't got any removable bits and pieces in your machine anyway.

When Windows does boot up, one of the first things it will do before relinquishing complete access to you is try to make sense of whatever printers, USB sticks,CDs, external drives and memory cards and whatever else you've got jammed inside it. Take them out, remove the problem and start up will be quicker.

Disable Unused Ports
you can take the peripherals one step further by actually disabling some of your computer's ports in the first place. No need to get carried away and start ditching your USBs, but if you've a parallel, serial or even an eSata slot that you simply don't use, then save your PC the time of having to prepare them in the first place. Disable them in the BIOS and shave a few more moments off your boot time.

No Fancy Wallpapers, Themes Or Sounds
They may seem cute but all these little things need to be loaded before your machine will let you play.

More hurdles to jump means a slower boot time and you'll probably get bored of your Star Trek desktop within a matter of 3 days anyway, so ditch the nonsense and lose the live wallpapers, themes and start up sounds.

Turn Of Windows Visual Effects
The Windows Aero system is a very nice GUI but it's not exactly a necessity and it does have to be loaded like every other preference. Many people would rather not lose the transparent framed windows and smoother looks and feel that Windows 7 and Vista offer, but if boot speed is what you're after, then head into the control panel and navigate to performance and visual effects where you'll be able to streamline your experience.