hope for mavrodians: mavrodi said mmm did not crash

lil sheggwen

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Hello mavrodains,what we are seeing now is only a practical measure to protect MMM Nigeria from danger.
Alot of news that MMM crash this December has been on the social media and other news and gossip. This has really affected the system and there were heavy conspiracy to collapse the system...What happen to the system last week would have been worse if GH is allowed today....

Despite the holiday bonus,many participants were ready to GH today... The PH is not commensurate to GH and this has been the fear created by the sponsored of fake news...
The truth remains that the mavro in the system are safe until they are unfrozen..those who have PH in the system should not cancel it since all green in the mavro which has been frozen will be paired to provide help..

For those that understand the system what happened is a temporary measure to save the system and saving the system is saving our money..if we are allowed to GH,by next week they maybe no enough PH to pair with the GH,,the the worst will happen.

This is a kind of caution taken to advert danger..so our mavro are safe.I also want to encourage those who want to PH to still do their PH.The maturity is January and it's doesn't change anything,by then the system will be back and stronger.

Don't lose hope,we all have the mavro system and let's not use because of this little set back forget what MMM has done for us all and we will do more if the system is properly safeguarded.

Let's be optimistic and positive..This is our community,let's protect it...