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    This thread will be all about shipping companies.

    All credit to Ymodulus for compiling the list.

    GLOBAL X LOGISTICS COMPANY Chinese Phone No:+8613697412457 or +8613138640659 Phone No: +2348062168889
    Chinese address:

    Huan Shi Xi Road, Guangzhou City, c, 130th, cosmic clothing shoes Plaza C258 or 广州市越秀区环市西路克山三街20号宇宙服装鞋业广场C区193A档 Huan Shi Xi Lu, yuexiu district, Guangzhou City, Khe Street 20th c 193A, cosmic clothing shoes Plaza
    Other Social Networks.

    Nigerian Address: I believe that the Nigerian address of shipping companies should not be posted on this thread. Reason been that most companies call you to pick up at different locations. So I believe its best you call the Nigerian Phone No asking for their Nigerian address

    Shipping Method: $Waybill from China-TO-Nigeria PER KG + [HASHTAG]#Cost[/HASHTAG] of Custom Clearance per 1kg === Duration of days

    Express: $8/KG + #480/KG === 1DAYs Express: $9KG + #480
    Normal: $4.7/KG + #380/KG === 7Days normal $5KG + #380
    Sea: $120 / CBM + #25,000/CBM === 30-35Days

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