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This is applicable to students, graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs.

It is often seen that minimalism is the common trait of extremely successful people. It didn’t just start over-nite, it is a hue they have imbued over time, especially when they were students or when they were just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey.

There are some financial hacks or should I say, discipline, you need to employ to make the most of what you have and not become wanting or be found completely financially destitute.

1. Use Public Transportation

As an aspiring struggling entrepreneur, you want to save the most and spend less. Some people make the mistake of going as far as taking a car loan to buy a car.
This is totally needless and if you are honest with yourself, you would come to the same conclusion. Having a car is extra expense because you will need to be fueling it and also performing maintenance on it which will cut deep into your pocket.

Even some wealthy people in China and Japan use public transportation.

As a struggling entrepreneur, you should make it normal for you to use the public transportation system for your daily commuting. This will help you save a lot to execute things later on.

2. Financial Planning Sessions

Seek for advice from the experts with experiential cases on how to manage your finances. These experts could be successful business people, it is they who have most likely made many mistakes along the line.

What better bonus is there in your entrepreneurial journey than learning from others mistake? Others who eventually succeeded even after said mistakes.

3. Buy Used Things

Another way to manage your finances frugally is to buy decent used stuffs.

There are beautiful and nice second-hand clothes and shoes that will serve you well. Other stuffs such as gadgets are also available second-hand, cheap and in good condition. You don’t have to dip deep into your pocket to look cool.

As an emerging entrepreneur, this is a smart way to keep your budget tight and helpful.

4. Plan Your Meals

This is one of the most important. You don’t have be preparing for a fitness show for you to plan your meals. What this simply means is you have to be preparing your foods on a budget and know exactly how much goes into your meals periodically, that shouldn’t also dig deep into your finance.

Preparing your meals yourself is a great way to save as opposed to staking out in KFC, Chicken Republic or other eateries.

You can prepare your meals and divide them in mobile food boxes to take you through the day.