Buying Guide: Home Wireless Networking


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A secure wireless network makes sharing files between computers and devices (like a printer or phone) easy. WiFi lets you surf the internet using a modem and router, without messy cables. We look at how Wi-Fi works and the gear you'll need.

What Is A Wireless Network?

A wireless network connects multiple computers and devices (printers, phones, tablets etc) together, without using cables. The devices "talk" to each other through a central hub called a router. This enables the computers and devices to:

  • Share files and documents.
  • Connect multiple computers to the one printer.
  • Enjoy multi-player gaming.
  • Load files from portable wireless devices, such as an phones and tablets.
What Are The Benefits Of Wi-Fi?
Wireless networks do away with messy cables. This leaves you free to wander around the house or office, while staying connected. New computers have Wi-Fi technology built-in, while older ones will require a USB adaptor.

Connect To The Internet
Most wireless routers come with a modem built into them. This enables all devices connected to the router to be simultaneously connected to the Internet.

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