Browse with Glo Bis on PC


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With the questions i have been receiving recently i decided i
will try and create a post on this Glo Bis. Although this is not
new, neither is it old. The thing with the Glo Bis on PC is that
it comes and goes periodically like raining and dry season
lol... But currently you can use your Glo Bis and browse on
PC, so if you have still got a blackberry phone its time to
dust it, because you are going to be needing it.
How to use Glo Bis and browse on PC
First Subscribe to Glo Bis monthly plan by sending ‘comonth
‘ as a text message to 777
After successfully subscribing to the BIS plan
You will need to install Blackberry Desktop Manager
software on your computer, if you don’t have it you can
download it on google
If you already have it then skip this first step
After installing the Blackberry Desktop Manager, connect
your Blackberry smartphone to your computer via a USB
cable; wait till it recognizes your phone by displaying your
phones details.
After being connected, click on “mobile internet” option on
the left bottom corner of the Blackberry Desktop manager, a
list of mobile service providers will be listed, click on the
“Add custom” button, A Box will appear for filling in your
network providers settings. In the settings box you can fill all
your necessary settings with profile name “Glo Bis” then
username and password leave it empty then access point is
"" without quotes
Click OK and then save.