8 Tips To Reduce Data Consumption On PC

Emmanuel Ekanem

UF Member

These tips is the fastest and simplest method to Minimize the huge data consumption of your computer and when you apply to these tips, you are not far away of using the hugest amount of data per day in all your applications and other software you may think of.

How To Minimize Data Usage On Computer
1.Buy a data bundle. Pay as you go rates are always more expensive.

2.Disable automatic updates for Windows 10, set your current connection as “Metered Connection”.

3.Configure in-app data settings to limit individual app data usage.

4.Stop apps like Facebook,Twitter, Youtube from auto- playing/auto downloading videos, music and pictures.

5.Restrict background data use by apps by using an app like GlassWire.

6.Compress browser data.

7.Block all advertisement (Ads).

8.If you must do large downloads, as much as possible, do them over WiFi.

This are the ones that i have tried, and i also hope you learned from it. Do you have any other way? Let us know by droping it.