7 Ways Traditional Marketing Is Hurting Your Business


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The rules have changed. The same old marketing tactics won't fly anymore. It is said that ‘Doing things the same way over and again, expecting different results is the first law of madness’. The businesses that will outlive their times are those who will anticipate future trends and changes and prepare accordingly. Digital marketing is revolutionizing business, you’ll either grow up or go home (quit business). Today, I want to show you some of the ways marketing the traditional way is killing your business.
1. You are spending more

Fliers, posters, Newspaper and TV ads, radio jingles, banners and the likes are relatively expensive. Apart from the cost of producing fliers, you need people to distribute them. TV ads cost too much compared to what you get from them and the bigger the platform, the more you spend. Bill boards are not as effective, because people are glued to their smartphones and tablets. And when people love a product/service, or an ad, they share the link or screenshots with their friends online. In most cases the amount spent on traditional marketing efforts which yields low returns is enough to fund a more cost effective and profitable digital marketing campaign. More expenses doesn’t equal more profit
2. You cannot measure success

How do you measure the success of a TV or a radio Jingle? How do you know how many people who received your flier actually read through and acted on them? And how do you know that those who will be watching your ad or listening to your jingle are those who really need your products? In Management, it is said ‘What gets measured, gets done’ with digital marketing you can track your success with various tools. Let’s say you launch a new website, you can tell how many visits you have in a year, month, week, day, hours and minutes. You can tell how long they stay on your site and where they stay the longest. This becomes an invaluable information that lets you know how engaging your site is, if it is user friendly and easy to navigate, if your content is rich and if your product/service positioning, branding and selling tactics is working.
3. You are limiting your business

Traditional Marketing limits you to your locality, I mean, TV ads in a TV station in Nigeria won't be aired in South American channels. Neither will your banners or bill boards be visible to potential customers in South Africa. This may not be a problem if you are serving the local market alone, but for businesses whose products and services can be used in other parts of the world, you will be putting a lid on your growth. Digital marketing takes your business to the global market, helping you connect with customers around the world. Something as simple as posting pictures and videos of products/services on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc has helped many companies make sales beyond their immediate environment. This is because a market is not a physical place. Africa Blooms, for instance, uses E-commerce to connect local artisans to a global market.
4. You are limiting your customers

While some customers will love to call in and be called, others are too busy to make or take calls, but may readily respond to an email or exchanges on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp. Therefore, traditional marketing’s stereotypical modus operandi won’t suffice any more. Give your customers options and let them know it’s about their convenience. Don’t be like the guy who says ‘If they want it, they’ll come get it’. No! You’ll be interrupted by competitors who gives them options. How do they want it delivered? What communication media suits them? What time works best? Customers are the boss, man! Stop acting macho!
5. You are saying ‘you are a snob’

If you really care about your customers it will show. You’ll go the extra mile to study them and satisfy them. When you limit them you are saying 'I don’t care about your schedule, or preferences. I don’t care about what matters to you or your business'. Where you refuse to include ‘Home/Office delivery’ option, then you are disrespecting them. If you care too much about making money, that you fail to furnish them with quality information that will help them make a good buying decision, then you don’t care. If you won’t add a ‘Subscribe button’ so they can receive updates, a ‘Comment or Review button’, then you are telling them you don’t care. When you insist on pushing a flier into their hands when they prefer a Facebook invite, then you don’t care. And if you don’t care, they will return the favour.

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