5 Fiverr.com Alternatives You Need To Make Money

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    Got skills, got talents, got Gigs? Awesome, but the
    question is ‘Are you making income from them
    Online’? Well if not let me introduce you to the
    ‘fiverr’ gig selling business.
    What Is Fiverr?
    Fiverr is the internet’s largest marketplace where
    people come together for the purpose of buying and
    selling of product/services for the sum of $5.
    Services offered on fiverr are referred to as Gigs .
    Below are Some Examples Of What Gigs Are;
    * I will Write 700+ article for your blog for $5.
    * I will design a blog for you for $5.
    * I will advertise your product to 10,000 people on
    Twitter for $5.
    When you have created a gig and got your gig listed
    out on the fiverr ‘s marketplace, you then promote
    your gig via social media, advertising on blogs, tell
    people about it, posting it on forums and so on it
    goes. Any interested buyer comes and orders for
    your gig, fiverr notify you of it, so you can start off
    with giving your customer the service they have
    paid for.
    After you have delivered and satisfied you buyers,
    they (your buyer) approve the order and you get
    paid. In therms of your cash, Fiverr automatically
    sends your money to your fiverr wallet within three
    Did i mentioned that fiverr takes 20% in as
    commission, you will be receiving an approximate
    of $3.92 in total. You get this amount in your fiverr
    wallet , and after 14 days of delivery, you can
    withdraw the money you’ve made by sending to
    Fiverr is just like doing what you know how to do
    for $5. And if fiverr doesn’t work for then, you
    should check out these 5 fiverr alternatives .
    SEO is quite similar to Fiverr, it is a marketplace for
    affordable SEO services from thousands of experts
    and freelancers. – SEOClerks.
    Fourerr is much more like fiverr.com, difference is
    that fourerr.com is an online marketplace where
    people buy and sell services and Micro Jobs for $4.
    – Buy and Sell Online.
    On gigbucks.com you’ll find freelancers & micro
    workers offering Online services ranging from $5 to
    $50 – hmm! Good deal. Gigbucks is available on
    App Store and on Google Play .
    If you are looking to sell your gig at a high price
    ($10 and $20) then, twentyville.com matches you
    BUT on this marketplace a lot of work is geared
    more towards professional service. I have the hunch
    to believe that fittytown is a clone of twentyville.
    Tenbux.com, a lot similar to fiverr . Only difference is
    that tenbux allows $10 for a gig, you get $8 in total.
    As I’ve said ‘similar to fiverr’, commission rate are
    same with fiverr – 20%.
    Make money, sell your gigs on fiverr or it’s
    alternatives just like other people making over $250
    monthly, earn a smart passive income.
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